20 years
of experience in mining
products and services


Tradefor was born in 1997 from the experience of a hydrology expert having covered many areas of Central Africa and willing to share its knowledge in the field of mining and quarrying.
So Tradefor engineers and sells solutions daily faced by miners, carriers and ore processors. Tradefor offers through his exclusif partners, a wide range of machines, products, supplies and services such as:

• drilling and probing machines;
• specific coring and drilling tools;
• drainage pumps, groundwater drawdown pumps or ore concentration process;
• underground mine equipment;
• shaft sleeves, pipes, in steel, stainless steel or fiber;
• acid coatings, ebonite, resins or ceramic tile;
• chemical ore concentration units;
• complete pumping stations, water treatment units,
• all materials and equipment for mines and quarries.

Tradefor also assists its clients in the commissioning of the machines, ensures the training of operators and maintenance agents, spare parts supply and, on demand, organizes the dispatch of technicians from factory.
Thanks to its know-how and its long cooperation with its partners, Tradefor is able to adapt itself to the wishes of its customers and environmental requirements. It is also involved with social projects such as the treatment and distribution of drinking water to small scale (3 m³/h) or greater (several thousand m³/h).
If in the following pages, you can't find exactly what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly get back to you with a proposal.